The Men's Council Mastermind


A private, off the books brotherhood of high achieving men that meetup twice a year to sharpen, encourage, and reset.



The Best Week of Your Life.....Twice a Year.

What if twice a year, every year, you could go completely off grid for 4 days with a group of 15-25 other high achieving men who want to pursue excellence in all things (faith, family, vocation, etc)0? That's what we are trying to give you, and that's what this time is. We want it to be the most filling and refreshing spiritual, mental, and emotional  time of your entire year. 


Think of it like the best spiritual retreat, plus the best leadership getaway, plus the best life planning offsite, plus the most fun you'll have all year--all wrapped into one experience.
We believe every high achieving man, should have time like this every year that fuels the other 51.
But sadly, one thing most men don't have and don't do, is carve out time for their soul. We all have hobbies, we all have work, and we all have things we love to do.
But what most of us don't do, is take care of ourselves in a really deep way. But what if there was time every year where we come together for an annual summit where we fully audit ourselves and the year, look forward to the next with actionable items and steps, while doing it with other men of the same caliber who will keep each other accountable?
Just imagine the impact that would have on our marriages, jobs, neighbors, and cities.
Consider the men's council a brotherhood that absolutely accelerates every dream of yours from a 10 year dream, to a 2 year dream. Or a space to heal wounds that have been hanging around for years, affecting every part of your life. Or a space to get your next business idea or ministry idea, because 5 days together with like minded brothers off the grid, fly fishing and in the mountains, just happens to do that.
And let me be clear--the trip starts the minute you land in Boise, as we will all ride together on the unbelievable 3 hour trek up the mountains to the ranch. You land in Boise, and we will take care of every last detail from that minute on. You just show up...and experience the best week of your life. With a lot of surprises sure to be there too...
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Consider this your 'North Star' twice a year. A time to load the bow, take aim, reflect on wins, seek the Lord, sharpen the knife, and link arms with a brotherhood who will walk life together for decades.


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When & Where

 The retreat for the heart



May 28 to May 31st, 2024

 The retreat for the mind

Maui or NYC

(all meals and programming included-lodging not)


December 1st to 4th, 2024

There's no cell service at the ranch in Idaho--and that's by design.


If we don't fight for some space in our year to be distraction free, we won't have the breakthroughs or insights needed to continually be growing and building.


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Here's what makes this property exceptionally special.

completely remote, 500 acre ranch with mountain ranges surrounding the entire property.


private 3 par golf hole.


10,000 square foot private lodge, just for us.


private mountain hot springs, walking distance from the lodge.


Private lake for fishing.


Incredible amenities like ATV'ing, tennis, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, bikes and more.

Our Group's Rhythms


Two retreats a year, in world class locations.
monthly Zoom town halls, to help us work through particular challenges we all have in the moment--can be marriage, leadership, business, etc. The group is each other's best weapon and asset, so we want to use it!


group text for constant communication, check in, camaraderie, and sharpening.
book of the month that we are reading together and discussing.


some surprises and gifts and bonuses that we don't quite want to reveal yet, but let's just say they'll be epic.
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This group is specifically for men who are desiring: 


-connection with other men who care about the things they care about--intimacy with the Lord, while building and leading high impact things.


-a space to pause the busy life of leadership and get clarity and epiphany through a guided curriculum.


-a powerful encounter with the Lord that dehazes and declutters the fog that can surround a man's heart during his most prolific leadership seasons.


-to build relationships that aren't flimsy. To build a brotherhood that goes the distance--one where we are together years, going on vacation with each other's families, starting businesses together, and more.



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How It Works

1. Apply Below

Fill out the application below, and someone from our team will reach out!

2. Pay Membership Fee

If you're application is accepted and you're granted membership, our team will reach out with a few different payment options for your membership (monthly, bi-yearly, etc). Once you begin payment you are IN and we will send details.

3. Onboarding Call

Once you're in the Men's Council, Jon or Jeff will setup a 60 minute onboarding call to hear more about you, your needs, take notes and more. Our hope is that we will serve you to the fullest as one of the brothers.

The Men's Council Application

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