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Fighting Shadows




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There are 7 core shadows over the hearts of modern men.


The thing about shadows is, they are silent and dark. They follow you wherever you go. And that's what being a man feels like today. Silent, dark, clouds are hovering over our hearts, blocking our ability from seeing Jesus clearly and seeing our destiny clearly. But what can we do about it? We can fight. We can push back the darkness. We can get in front of the light.


And that's what this masterclass hopes to do. Systematically dismantle the 7 core lies a man faces, while giving strategy and encouragement plus a weekly workbook to do battle and find power and purpose in your life in this very moment. 

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8 Weeks. 8 Sessions. An 8 Week Digital Guidebook.

What if you could find freedom from lies, purpose to live in, and strategy to walkout in your daily life right now?


The good news is, now you can. 

Here is what others are saying...

"There was something so encouraging to me about Fighting Shadows. The line 'we will then fight in the shade' is so motivating as a resolution to face my shadows and attack them. Acting like the shadow isn't there won't do any good, but acknowledging it and confidently fighting it will!"

Zach Newcomb

"The section about likening a failure to an eclipse was brilliant. Jeff's words have given us all language to use in conversations with men who are taking their cues from culture."

Joshua Herrera

"I'll be honest--it took some reckoning, outside help, and grace from God and many years to name my shadow. I'm still processing but I found freedom here when I realized it started with facing it and NAMING it."

Alfred Ramos

"One week's module could've been the whole course it was so good and dense by itself. Couldn't have agreed with Jon and Jeff more!"

Steve Dauncey

"This was so convicting and inspiring I love the questions Jon and Jeff gave to us to help us process."

Gary Hornstein

"I crave this. And I believe most men struggle and yearn for this too! Been praying for Go to bring some men into my life or highlight where they already are and then give me courage to build community there. Thank you for the insights in this, Jeff and Jon!

Matt Gordon


Here's the sad reality: most men feel isolated, lonely, with a lack of purpose and vision but choose to stay in it and do nothing about it. It doesn't need to be that way. We can help.

The core curriculum


Week 1

The Eclipse


Week 2

The Shadow of Despair


Week 3

The Shadow of Loneliness


Week 4

The Shadow of Shame


Week 5

The Shadow of Lust


Week 6

The Shadow of Ambition


Week 7

The Shadow of Futility


Week 8

The Shadow of Apathy



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Your Guides.

Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson and his wife Alyssa and three kids live in Franklin, TN and have served families for over a decade at He is also the co-founder of Forming Men with Jon Tyson that serves men via retreats, conferences, and educational resources.

Jon Tyson

Jon is the lead pastor of Church of the City in Manhattan, and he also serves as the visionary for Forming Men with Jefferson Bethke. He's has been serving men for over 20 years via his books and keynotes and various ministries. His wife Christy and their two kids, Nate and Haley, live in New York City.