Men's Cohort


A 3 month online cohort intensive designed for men to get their heart back, heal from wounds, and be given a framework for how to live into their manhood in a way that helps not hurts those around them.


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Are you ready to walk the ancient path of manhood?


Most men have never been taught how to be one. We see culture shame us, and we see religious circles only tend to feed us stereotypes, tropes, and cliches.

But what if there is a way to learn what it means to be a man, address the things in ourselves we've been too scared to address, and strengthen our spines around a framework that can actually change the trajectory of the rest of our life?

That's what this online 3 month program is. It's an all in, deep dive, rolling up your sleeves kind of program. 

12 weeks. 12 Topics. 12 Keynotes. Digital Curriculum. A community of men.


All you need to authentically live winsomely as a man in today's culture. 


The cohort will center around 3 things.

Weekly Keynote

The program will center around a weekly keynote by John on that week's curriculum topic. These keynotes will be live, but also will be recorded to watch later.


One of the biggest things men need is a coach for specific moments, roadblocks, and questions. That's why Jon will be setting aside multiple 'office hours' throughout the week where you can text him to answer questions or help you through challenges.


Interact on a daily basis men in the cohort through a private Slack group and other channels. There is nothing like a group of men leaning in together, holding each other accountable, and spurring one another on!

Let's do this!

Only 75 spots available for the first cohort


Due to the level of engagement, energy, expertise and coaching we want to provide every man in the cohort, we are only allowing 75 men per cohort. Registration for this cohort closes March 15th, or once we reach 75 members, whichever comes first.



 March 31st


April 5th

In Person NYC Graduation Meetup June 24th


At the end of the cohort we will have a completely free and optional add one bonus day hangout in NYC with Jeff and Jon, that includes a few sessions of free content in the afternoon in the heart of Manhattan at Church of the City offices, and then culminating in a free cigar lounge hangout that night to celebrate and meet each other. NOTE: We don't expect all of the members to attend, this is simply an added value premium if you'd like. We expect 20-25 men at this and make it available for those who want to come!

Why should you listen to us?


Well, you certainly don't have to! But we'd also love to help you. Serving men and creating space for them to get their soul back is a core part of our callings.


We (Jeff& Jon) have a combined 30 years of experience working with and thinking about issues related to men, masculinity, and so on. Jeff leads men and fathers through the online ministry Family Teams, while Jon has been a pastor in New York with a specific call and heart for men for decades.


'Waste no more time arguing about what a man should be. Be one.'


-Marcus Aurelius


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$599 x 3

  • Weekly keynote
  • digital curriculum
  • office texting hours with Jon
  • Monthly challenges
  • Private Slack Group

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  • Weekly keynote
  • digital curriculum
  • office texting hours with Jon
  • Monthly challenges
  • Private Slack Group